Who are we?

Astronomic S.A. originated in SECE (Sociedad Española de Construcciones Eléctricas S.A.). SECE is a hundred-year-old company dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of public street lights. It is currently present in 80 cities.

25 years ago, the need to automate the switching on and off of public street lights was detected in Barcelona, of which SECE holds the maintenance license.  To cover this need, SECE developed and patented a product, the SECELUX UNIVERSAL, pioneer in its sector and which more than meet current technical requirements.

For this research and development work with the SECELUX, our company received the first ENHER prize (currently ENDESA) prize for innovation in 1981.

Although it was initially a product designed for the Barcelona Council, it was such a success and so well-received in the market that requests from other Councils and Institutions were received. For this reason in 1985, a separate company was created, Astronomic S.A. to sell the product to other clients and markets.

Since its beginning with the first version of the SECELUX-A, new functions have been added with each new version, (B, C, D, E) up until the current version, SECELUX-E PLUS, which has the most benefits: Energy saving, schedule reduction, special days, etc….

The Astronomic name was decided as it dealt with a twilight switch, astronomically programmable, in such a way that the on/off time of the public street lights was set according to the sunset and sunrise of any city in the world, wherever the installation was located.

There is currently an extensive fleet of SECELUX operating in large cities, including: Barcelona, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Tarragona, Salou, Terrassa, Sitges, Badalona and many more.
In the future, the product will be introduced to external markets due to the necessity for energy saving in public street lights in most cities.